Entry Word: STABLE

Function: adjective

1 Synonyms SURE 1, fast, firm, secure, staunch, strong

Related Word balanced, poised; fixed, set, solid, sound, steadfast

Contrasted Words wobbling, wobbly

Antonyms instable, unstable

2 Synonyms STEADY 2, constant, equable, even, stabile, uniform

3 Synonyms LASTING, diuturnal, durable, enduring, perdurable, perduring, permanent

Related Word constant, steady; safe, secure, sound; resolute, staunch, steadfast

4 marked by solidity, firmness, and stability especially in design or construction <a stable foundation for the building>

Synonyms firm, secure, solid, sound

Related Word strong, sturdy; unassailable, unshakable

Idioms as firm as (the rock of) Gibraltar, solid as a rock

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